HT - 2010
VeckaNybörjareFortsättning 1MotionIntensiv
V. 35Easy Fun, Cut a rug
Mamma Maria
Country Walkin'
RepetitionRepetitionSnap your fingers
V. 36D.H.S.SAll I DoYolandaQuarter after one
V. 37AliceQuarter after onePeople are CrazyRepetition
V. 38RepetitionRepetitionRepetitionUnbroken
V. 39Irish StewChica Boom BoomQuarter after oneRepetition
V. 40Move ItMove ItActionDrip Droppin
V.41Under the sunUnder the sunAmerican cowboyRepetition
V.42RepetitionRepetitionRepetitionFujiyama Mama
V.43123 WaltzSmooth OperatorFujiyama MamaWork it out
V.44LLLI wanna dance with somebodyBobbie with an IAmerican Honey
V.45RepetitionRepetitionRepetitionNight work
V.46Looking GoodUnpredictableRepetition
V.47RepetitionWrong side of the road
VT - 2010
VeckaNybörjareFortsättning 1MotionIntensiv
V. 3RepetitionRepetitionRepetitionLove ya
V. 4Wanna DanceGood to be usDream of YouNY Cha
V. 5SweetieLouisiana SwingWhat you gonna do with the band
Time to swing
Little red book
V. 6Broken StonesRepetitionToesBroken Heels
V. 7RepetitionCumbia SemanaRepetitionSportlov
V. 8Make me dance
Cumbia Semana
Cumbia SemanaWalking in the rainWalking in the rain
What they say
V. 9Little red bookSportlovRepetitionAmericano
V. 10RepetitionRebel AmoreGood to be usThe Blues is allright
V. 11First WaltzWalking in the rainRepetitionRepetition
V. 12Baby come back to meComplicated heartLouisiana Swing
Nostalgi: Buy me a drink
Nostalgi: Colorado Cha Cha
The Waltz of Eli
V. 13Beyond the blueSugar & PaiNostalgi
Kiss in the dark
You're so noughty
Shoes of another man
V. 14RepetitionBetter then nadaSmooth cha cha
Nostalgi: Just a minute
Nostalgi: Wave on Wave
Rah Rah Ooh La La
V. 15The Lala danceRepetitionRepetitionRepetition
V. 16RepetitionRepetitionBad manChange
V. 17JulavslutningRepetitionRepetition
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