HT - 2006
VeckaNybörjareFortsättning 1Fortsättning 2MotionIntensiv
V. 36Walking variations
California Freeze
Cowgirl Twist
Shame and ScandalStars in my eyesRepetitionHey Hey Heeey
V. 37Cowboy CharlestonMendes LightRepetition
Lovin' all night
California BlueMr Pinstripe
Inside your heaven
V. 38Reet petiteKill the spidersPon de ReplayMama take me homeI Love her first
V. 39The Memory Cha chaRepetitionDon't feel like dancingRepetitionBefore the Devil
V. 40RepetitionBaby WaltzSimplemente
Baby Cha
Shame and ScandalDon't feel like dancing
V.41Just for funBefore the devilRepetitionMy Greek No 1LOL
V.42D.H.S.SRednex Take me home
Baby Cha
Before the DevilRepetitionFairytale Life
V.43Tush PushRepetitionRepetitionLovin' All nightLet it Swing
V.44Dream onLeaving of LiverpoolIt's up to youCountry RoadsLeaving of Liverpool
Bread on the Table
V.45RepetitionMini forty Naughty ShortyLeaving of LiverpoolBlack HorseBad Boy Tango
V.46Pop da BootyMy Greek No 1Rubitin
RepetitionHeat it up
V.47Red Hot SalsaIt's Up to youBallymore boysBallymore boysEverybody's Someone
V.48Rednex Take me homeRepetitionRepetitionLa Combia
VT - 2006
VeckaNybörjare 2Fortsättning 1Fortsättning 2MotionIntensiv
V. 2Jo-AnnaRepetitionRepetitionRepetitionRepetition
V. 3It's a country thingJust wrightMy Greek No 1Doctor DoctorWhen you're around
V. 4D.H.S.SCaught in the actJo-AnnaRepetitionSinfull
Hung up
V. 5Ghost TrainGreen SnakesCha cha grooveJust WrightI said Daaaave
V. 6Bobby JoRepetitionBlack HorseBobby JoThe World
Bosa Nova
V. 7RepetitionBobby JoRepetitionRepetitionHeartbreaker
V. 8Country Walkin'Stich it upBobby JoBosa NovaWhere does it hurt
V. 9Pop da booty
Simple Cha Cha
Bosa NovaCome TomorrowRepetitionBest of Intention
Feel the Love
V. 10Country 2 StepRepetitionYou're so naughtyThe WorldCome Tomorrow
V. 11RepetitionThe WorldRepetitionRepetitionSweet addiction
V. 12Irish StewCha Cha grooveBosa NovaCha Cha Grove
Nostalgi: Rosegarden
Keep on dancing
V. 13Buy me a drinkToo much CandyRepetitionNostalgi:
Colorado Cha Cha
Mama Take Me home
Back to Louisianna
V. 14Black CoffeeRepetitionTop of the WorldToo much Candy
Kiss in the Dark
(Maria sjuk)
V. 15Flyttat till onsdag.
Love is in the airFlyttat till onsdag.
Love is in the AirWith these eyes
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