HT - 2007
VeckaNybörjare 1 Ons.Nybörjare 1 Tors.Forts. Onsdag
Forts. Torsdag
V. 37Coolio
Kick Off
Feeling Kinda Lonely
California Freeze
Kick Off
Feeling Kinda Lonely
California Freeze
RepetitionNimbyInställt pga. Sjukdom
V. 38Alfie
AlfieNimbyRock'n Roll BrideGuardian Angel
V. 39RepetitionRepetitionRepetitionRebel AmoreShow me wot U got
V. 40Cha cha OneCha Cha OneRebel AmoreRepetitionLa Cha Cha
V.41Simply MamboSimply MamboRepetitionMy Heart wont' let goWhole lot of leavin
V.42Belfast CityBelfast CityCan do cha chaRepetitionThe woman needs
V.43Reet PetiteReet PetiteI Knew the brideWhole lot of leavinAin't got no money
V.44Dream OnDream OnPicnic PolkaDo you knowCrazy 4 U
V.45Rednex take me homeRednex take me homeNot like thatLet's get drunkA Gigolo
V.46D.H.S.SD.H.S.SRepetitionNot like thatToo little too late
V.47RepetitionRepetitionMickey LollipopMax FactorSexy Oreo
V.48Country Walkin'
Country Walkin' Travelin MusicRepetitionSaturn 5
V. 49I knew the brideI knew the brideRepetitionThe Sanddancer shuffleSea Salt Sally
V. 50God Jul & Gott Nytt ÅrRepetition
VT - 2007
VeckaNybörjare 2Fortsättning 1Fortsättning 2MotionIntensiv
V. 2RepetitionRepetitionRepetitionRepetitionAll the way
V. 3Haleys MedleySimplementeWestlife RoseChill FactorComin Out
V. 4Country Walkin'Live Laugh LoveChill FactorRepetitionSay Hey
Nightclub Italiano
V. 5Baby Waltz
RubitinRepetitionWhole AgainCrazy Cha
V. 6I need A houseRepetitionCeltic KittensWestlife RoseRepetition
V. 7RepetitionI need a houseSide by sideRepetitionAtomik Polka
V. 8Foot BoogieAtomik PolkaAtomik PolkaSide by SideHeart of an Angel
V. 10RioStich it upCherry Poppin'RepetitionLollipop
V. 11Just a minuteRepetitionRepetitionRepetitionAshes of Love
V. 12Live Laugh LoveJust a minuteRepetitionCeltic KittensThe Trooper
V. 13RepetitionHeart of an AngelHeart of an AngelRepetitionKind of Worried
V. 14Beyond the bluePÅSKLOVKind of WorriedGrace Kelly
V. 15PÅSKLOVKind of WorriedRepetitionPÅSKLOVPÅSKLOV
V. 16Cha Cha GrooveKind of WorriedKind of WorriedRepetitionThe Last Samba
V. 17RepetitionOne Foot KickinOne Foot KickinRepetitionRepetition
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